Run away! Just run as fast as you can!!

The Fear

The Fear published on 2 Comments on The Fear
Run away! Just run as fast as you can!!

The question that can stop you in dead your tracks. And the internet does NOT help to stop it being asked.

In fact, the internet makes the problem worse!
The genders of the people involved are not set in stone and can apply to anyone, but if you have been in this situation, you know that there is no good answer. There is no retreat. There is no surrender.

I normally just pretend I did not hear it and QUICKLY leave the room. Get as far away as possible.

If you have another way to handle this situation, please let me and the rest of the people on the internet, know about it.
You will be doing a service to all of human kind.

Closely Monitored

Closely Monitored published on 2 Comments on Closely Monitored

I bet every married man can relate to this comic.

Sometimes you look. Sometimes you get caught.
And you were not even looking at another woman, or her *parts* – you just happened to be glancing in the same direction that another woman was.
And even if there was another woman, you would only have been looking at her jewellery, purse or dress, whilst thinking “My wife would look great in that. I should buy her a dress/purse/jewellery just like that.”

Yep, once you are married, you never have to look again.
You have all the woman you can handle. (trust me).

……Oh, Hi honey! I did not know you were reading my post….