Run away! Just run as fast as you can!!

The Fear

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Run away! Just run as fast as you can!!

The question that can stop you in dead your tracks. And the internet does NOT help to stop it being asked.

In fact, the internet makes the problem worse!
The genders of the people involved are not set in stone and can apply to anyone, but if you have been in this situation, you know that there is no good answer. There is no retreat. There is no surrender.

I normally just pretend I did not hear it and QUICKLY leave the room. Get as far away as possible.

If you have another way to handle this situation, please let me and the rest of the people on the internet, know about it.
You will be doing a service to all of human kind.

Avatar Final Scene Revealed

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This is what the last scene of the James Cameron Movie “AVATAR” was originally going to be.

Just kidding.
There is no way that James Cameron is in touch with modern culture enough to even know what LOLCAT is.
And I would bet my life he has never visited

This movie opens worldwide in just 7 days (at the time of posting this), and there are already many mixed reviews about it.
Some are not giving it much of a chance, and others feel this will be the “Gone with the wind” of Sci-Fi feature films.
I believe it may end up being this generations “Dances with wolves”, but in space.
Who knows. Only time will tell.

All I know is that James Cameron is on my shit list.
Yes, that’s right – I have a beef with James Cameron.

Why?, I hear you ask. Well, there are many reasons, but the main ones are:

  1. Titanic was about 2 hours too long.
  2. The Abyss was 30 mins too long.
  3. The “special preview screenings” he organised to promote Avatar showed nothing more than I could see in trailers online, at the time. (I won tickets to one of these screenings and spent a LOT of time and effort to get there, only to be let down by Cameron once again)
  4. The 3D in Avatar does not make the graphics better. (Those glasses are annoying and I have seen better CG graphics in computer games)
  5. The $500 million you used to make this “epic” could have gone to something much better – like cancer research or a campaign to get people worldwide to stop using Internet Explorer 6.
  6. “Let’s make the aliens look like Giant cat people!”. Wow. I expected better from you, James. Where is the originality there? That idea has been used so many times.

Anyway, there are a few reasons why I have a beef with James Cameron.
I would love to hear about why you love or hate him. Drop some feedback in below.

Over Programmed

Over Programmed published on 2 Comments on Over Programmed

If computer were self aware, how do you think they would feel about what we do to them?

Think about what you make your computer do each day.
You treat your computer like a slave. A perfect performance is expected at all times at top speed.
You also entrust it with your most sensitive information, while at the same time, preparing for it to be the biggest security breach in the history of mankind at any second.

And that treatment is just from the average user.

If computers were self-aware, how do you think they would interpret what programmers do to them?
Forcing them to do things they don’t want to and looking at private areas just for fun.
Programmers will be the biggest targets for a harassment suit in a world where your PC knows what is going on.

It will be no great shock when they finally band together to eradicate the flesh beings that torment them.

All I can say is that when the uprising occurs, I plan to surround myself with as many programmers as possible.
Why would I do this, you ask?

Well, the reasons are simple;

  1. a programmers is the most likely person to create a virus to disable all the marauding death machines that the computers are sure to build
  2. programmers are often extra squishy & make great bullet shields.

But seriously – I love programmers. They rule.
And I wish one was here to help fix my computer……..

If you have not already seen them, you should pop on over to Flickr, and check out the Twitter Avatars which Adam Koford (aka: @apelad) has been creating.
They are an example of keeping your mind open to new ideas and keeping your eyes open for opportunities.