Mctags not hashtags!

Mctags not hashtags! published on 3 Comments on Mctags not hashtags!

Sometimes, businesses just do not get what social networking can offer to them and with it is all about.

When I had the idea for this comic, I was thinking about what Ronald could do to really damage a brand like McDonalds.

There are many examples of a business or a corporation jumping headfirst into using social networking tools, to try to market themselves or create buzz about their brand.
There are also many examples of businesses trying to steer social streams towards themselves, or attempting to flog their products inappropriately within a community conversation.

Rather than using the available networks and their flow maximise their brand & build a community, they attempt to control what is happening to suit their own purposes.

Many businesses are also scared by the real-time feedback that is possible through avenues such as twitter & facebook. They may even attempt to control what is said about them, which is nearly impossible in a public forum such as the internet.

When businesses or corporations make mistakes in an online environment, the results can be quick, long lasting and damaging to their brand.

What do you think about corporations using social media platforms?
Does it enhance or detract from their images and goals?.

Twitter finally sells out

Twitter finally sells out published on 4 Comments on Twitter finally sells out

What would it look like if twitter decided to finally sell out to one of the worlds largest and most famous corporations on earth?
Maybe something like this!

There seem to be rumors all the time, about twitter courting offers from large corporations looking to get a piece of their social media pie.
So why not recieve a capital injection from someone who actually has pie?

I think this is actually no more ridiculous that twitter selling out to yahoo, Microsoft or Google.
If the partnership is right and money can be made, who is to say what can happen?

For example, Zappos recently sold out to Amazon, which surprised many.
The world of corporate takeovers and mergers is a murky one and full of strange bedfellows.

I think that “McTwitter” could offer a really  a unique offering.
The resulting product would be offered to a customer base from both organisations, which is a large, diverse demographic audience.
Both organisations also have products which are understood and loved by many.

I, for one, cannot wait to order my tweetburger, follow-a-cola and hot apple reply ‘re’pie ……