Literal Job Titles

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Sadly, adding a specialist term into a Job title or description is still a thing.
Go to any online jobs website and put “Ninja”, “Rockstar” or “Guru” in the keywords search to see what I mean.

The worst part is that it makes things really confusing – especially if you are actually a Ninja, A Rockstar or a Guru looking for a job.

Ninja! Ninja! Ninja!

Ninja! Ninja! Ninja! published on

Hello there gentle readers. I need your help, so that I can see some NINJAS!
Yep, you read that correctly. Ninjas. Shinobi. Shadow warriors. Master Assassins. Sneaky guys!

Look! A ninja at Ninja World. (Photo: AFP)

I really love ninjas (don’t we all?) and in a few weeks, I will be travelling to Japan with my Karate club. Whilst I am there, I really really really really want to go to Ninja World.

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