Modern Manners

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Grandad is back, telling you how it used to be.

You should always respect your elders. They have years of knowledge and experience to share, as well as plenty of useful life  advice.
They can regale you with tales of simpler times – like when Nokias only made phone calls and SMS was something you did behind closed doors with consenting adults.

War Stories

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Every Medal has a brave and heroic story behind it.

You may remember when Grandpa was making up other historical “facts” over here
I just felt like maybe he had a bit more ‘Educating’ to do…

Perhaps at some point in the future, this comic will become a reality.
As the line between our online & offline lives are blurred,  Badges and Medals may well be awarded for things that we presently ignore.
– Checking into a location could earn you a physical badge from Foursquare.
– Your level ranking in WOW may mean you get priority seating at the movies.
– Saving Princess peach (again) may earn you a medal of valour and free plumbing vouchers.
– Finding a Golden Egg in Angry Birds could result in a REAL golden egg being delivered to you.
– Becoming the Mayor of the local Coffee Shop may give you proper mayoral powers and privilege over that establishment.

The future is an unknown entity,which I am always happy to speculate on. It holds the promise of so many technological advancements and changes in our everyday lives.
And I, for one, cannot wait until we all get to wear the unitards with the glowing track-lighting, like they show in that documentary of the future – TRON.

On a related note : My twitter pal @rhysmcdonald recently did some cool Tron art, which you can see over on his site