The iVolution of man

The iVolution of man published on 2 Comments on The iVolution of man

Evolution has been thwarted by technology once again it seems.
Next time you are walking around your city or town, take a good look around.
Humans evolved to walk upright, but now we walk looking down   …at our smartphones.

Perhaps we will become hunched over, shambling creatures again at some point in the future?
Who knows for sure, but I bet I can find an app  that will tell me.

Modern Manners

Modern Manners published on 1 Comment on Modern Manners

Grandad is back, telling you how it used to be.

You should always respect your elders. They have years of knowledge and experience to share, as well as plenty of useful life  advice.
They can regale you with tales of simpler times – like when Nokias only made phone calls and SMS was something you did behind closed doors with consenting adults.

Location aware

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Smartphones are becoming far more location aware with every new release.

They know where they are – sometimes better than you do. So eventually, it is feasible that they will be so aware that they can tell you not just where you are, but where you are about to go to. And they won’t need your input to do this either.

From there, it is just a small jump to the Smartphones becoming self-aware.

We all know what happens after that, don’t we?