Selection Process

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This comic is based on an actual real-life experience.

Ok, well, it wasn’t EXACTLY like this, but it sure felt like it at the time. There was a workshop to select the product features of a new piece of software with so many different areas of the business involved that the process got nowhere. Everyone wanted everything and it felt like we were doing what the guy in this comic is doing – a totally random selection of features.
By the way – the product also never ended up getting made (what a surprise!).

Official Product Launch

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2010 seems to have had far more product launches than I ever remember seeing before.
Certainly more than 2009, at least. And I am guessing that 2011 will bring even more.

The internet, online tools, open-source software and easily sourced business incubators, has meant that it can be very easy to get a new business idea launched. Often, this can all be done with very little start-up capital expenses.

Some of these businesses become very popular and profitable. Many more of these do not.
Let’s focus on these for now. They are much more fun to know about!

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We need this tech!

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There is no escape!

Whoever can make the software described in this comic, will become the new ruler of the world.
Throw in the options to block people who listen to Nickleback, and I will happily purchase anything you make from that point forward, for all eternity.

Heck, you can even start a social network and I’ll gladly let you quietly screw me over in the background just like Zuckerberg is doing, and I will never post a negative blog or tweet about it. Guaranteed!