Those damn facebook games

Those damn facebook games published on 9 Comments on Those damn facebook games

One day, playing all those stupid games on facebook will catch up with you.

Let me get this out in the open – I really really hate those games on facebook.
Not the games themselves though.

I hate that even though I am not playing them, I still have to interact with them.
They force me to filter their information feeds, spend time ignoring or blocking requests to play them or writing messages to friends, asking them to stop telling me about their latest win in “BejewelFarmMafia poker”, or whatever.

And people already get obsessed with Facebook & other social media, so giving them a new addiction is not on, in my book.

It is all just so damn annoying.

Anway, that’s all I want to say on the matter.

So, feel free to leave a comment and vent your rage if you agree with what I am saying here.
(And no, I will not join your mob, guild or crew.

Facebook in real life – No. 2

Facebook in real life – No. 2 published on 6 Comments on Facebook in real life – No. 2

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you did the things that you do in facebook, in real life?

Obviously, this comic is a continuation of the theme I touched on in my previous comic (see here).
Sometimes, the things that we now do online seem so normal, but if you take them out of the context of where we perform these actions, they seem totally ridiculous.

I suppose that  this is one aspect of online culture which is both a benefit & a drawback, depending on how you view it.

I am not going to say much more here, except to warn you that there may be more “Facebook in real life” comics in the future.
If you have an idea of a facebook activity that you would like to see done as a comic, please leave me a comment and let me know.

I do not guarantee to draw every idea I get, but I am sure something will be hilarious enough to catch the “doodle treatment”.

t-shirt Due to popular demand (yes, really.) I have begun adding some of my comics to t-shirts and other products, through Zazzle. 

The products I have created so far are on the ‘MOMENTOS‘ page, for your perusing pleasure. More will be added as time goes on.
(please note that the zazzle store is a work in progress and I will probably cry if you criticise it)

Please also feel free to request any of my comics on a shirt, and I will be happy to make them available in the store.


Facebook in real life

Facebook in real life published on 5 Comments on Facebook in real life

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you did the things that you do in facebook, in real life?

Obviously, a lot of what you do online happens in a virtual space only. However, social media has interactions with real people and real lives, which is why it is so popular.
Interactions, comments and relationships that occur in the virtual arena can easily crossover to your real life and influence it.

For many people, the relationships they create & maintain online via social media networking, actually is a real life interaction as well – even if they have never met the person at the other end of the click.
Their online networking is just an extension of how they connect to people.

Everyone has heard stories of people meeting online and marrying, or having a relationship that destroys their real-life relationship.
Also on the rise, are the stories of people adding comments to sites which are then unintentionally found by the subject of the comment. Mostly, these interactions do not end well.

Modern social networkers can actually sometimes have an inability to distinguish between the online and offline worlds.
This can lead to some disturbing results, but at the same time, may lead to amazing groundbreaking discoveries or ideas.

But overall, I find that the things we do to friends online would normally have us arrested if we tried it in real life!
Go on – test my theory.
Go and steal your neighbours cow and see what happens…….