Staff Rewards

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I wonder if these rewards are in short supply?

If you are not familiar with the Phantom, you may not understand this comic, so get on over to the fountain of all knowledge (wikipedia) and get your learning on. It is all right here.

Between you and me, this comic was pretty tough for me to get finished. I was really struggling to decide between making the comic in the way you see it above, or to go with another idea I had.
In the end, the comic above was the original joke I thought of, so I decided that it was best to run with it and see how it is received.

Just in case you are curious though, I have also included the alternate version of this comic here as well. Click on the thumbnail below to check it out.
Let me know which one you prefer in the comments.

He is the MVP for the past 400 years.
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The Ghost Party

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Oh Man! This party looks totally dead!

Sorry, I had to put a lame joke in here. This comic kind of calls for it.
Ghosts are a pretty popular topic in comics and many, many bad jokes exist where they are the main focus of the gag.

I like drawing ghosts and decided that I would just make a comic with a whole heap of them.
It is a very safe bet that this is probably not the last time you will see ghosts in a comic from me, either.
This comic has some well-known ghosts in it, and some “pretenders” who still kind fit the theme.
Think you can name them all?

OK then smart-arse, tell me their names. Just put them into the comments below and I send the first five correct people a ghost sketch.
Five more random people will also get one, but only if they get all the names right.

You can also get extra bonus points (equivalent to 700 internetz) if you tell me who is missing from this comic.