Pacman On Twitter – redux

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I created the original comic of this joke nearly 11 years ago, so I thought it would be fun to do an updated version.
You can see the first one here – >> Pacman on Twitter

Pac Snack

Pac Snack published on 1 Comment on Pac Snack

Between Pac Man and the Ghostbusters, there should be no ghosts left anywhere on earth.
According to my calculations*, a partnership between these two forces for good, would wipe out all ghost activity on the planet earth in 12 weeks, 3 days and 10hours.

Ok, so I am very aware that this is the third Pac Man comic I have done (and the second within 2 weeks of each other).
I just like the little guy so much!
But I vow to you all, that I will take a break  from using Paccy in a comic again for a while. Of course, the length of time that this vow lasts for is totally open to my own whims.

In case this is your first time here, the previous Pac Man comics are:

Pac Man on Social Media

Pac Man Drunk


On a personal note, I am pretty happy with how this comic has turned out. I spent a LOT of time messing with the layout, trying to get this to work. I hope you like it too.



*Calculations may be totally made up, but you can’t prove a thing!!

Spirit Breath

Spirit Breath published on 2 Comments on Spirit Breath

PacMan could do so much more, if he just laid off the spirits.

I mean, he has a serious problem. And if he does not get help soon, I am afraid he does not have a ghost of a chance!
You can’t outrun your problems either. You need to face them head on and eat ’em up – but ONLY after you eat a cherry, of course.

This is not the first PacMan comic I have done. This one got a little bit of attention a while ago.
And I can promise you that there is at least one more coming in the near future, which should make fans of the yellow guy pretty happy.

Of course, if you don’t like PacMan, you can just read all my other comics.


The Ghost Party

The Ghost Party published on 22 Comments on The Ghost Party

Oh Man! This party looks totally dead!

Sorry, I had to put a lame joke in here. This comic kind of calls for it.
Ghosts are a pretty popular topic in comics and many, many bad jokes exist where they are the main focus of the gag.

I like drawing ghosts and decided that I would just make a comic with a whole heap of them.
It is a very safe bet that this is probably not the last time you will see ghosts in a comic from me, either.
This comic has some well-known ghosts in it, and some “pretenders” who still kind fit the theme.
Think you can name them all?

OK then smart-arse, tell me their names. Just put them into the comments below and I send the first five correct people a ghost sketch.
Five more random people will also get one, but only if they get all the names right.

You can also get extra bonus points (equivalent to 700 internetz) if you tell me who is missing from this comic.