Making me angry birds

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Who is more globally recognised these days?
The Hulk, or Angry Birds?

I am not sure, but I bet it would be a close race.

Personally, I am just waiting for the next Angry Birds movie crossover. They have already done Rio and Star Wars, so the scene above may not be too far away. An Angry Birds / Avengers movie tie-in could happen any day!
There is even concept art for it already (note: not actual official concept art) 

Staff Rewards

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I wonder if these rewards are in short supply?

If you are not familiar with the Phantom, you may not understand this comic, so get on over to the fountain of all knowledge (wikipedia) and get your learning on. It is all right here.

Between you and me, this comic was pretty tough for me to get finished. I was really struggling to decide between making the comic in the way you see it above, or to go with another idea I had.
In the end, the comic above was the original joke I thought of, so I decided that it was best to run with it and see how it is received.

Just in case you are curious though, I have also included the alternate version of this comic here as well. Click on the thumbnail below to check it out.
Let me know which one you prefer in the comments.

He is the MVP for the past 400 years.
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Push off

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If superheroes had Push Notifications turned on, they would never get a moments rest.

Some heroes do have the equivalent of push notifications via “emergency notification” signalling devices that can be used in times of need. The only ones I can think of are:

  • Batman (via Bat signal and the Hotline in the Commissioners office)
  • Superman (via that silly watch he gave to Jimmy Olsen)
  • The JLA (via the JLA signal devices)
  • Fantastic Four (via the FF Flare gun)
  • Atom Ant (via his mainframe computer)

I am sure there are more than these in comic world.

Push notifications are the annoying little voices that you let into your life via your smartphone.

Most apps these days will politely request if they can send you notifications.
They ask so nicely, that you think “Sure, why not?” and hit OK.
THEN they start their devious work.

They remind you about upgrades. They tell you what friends are doing. They let you know if you are popular enough to have recieved a tag or a message. And they NAG.

That is really what they are doing. It is electronic nagging and you get used to it.
I believe this is only the first step in preparing humans to accept robot wives or husbands in the future. Bythe time they exist, we will already have been conditioned to do what they say. Of course, WE will think that we are the ones incontrol.

This will not be the thruth however, and when the machines finally take over, we won’t even notice….

The Luigi link

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Luigi is so lonely.

He is never the winner.
Always being over-shadowed by his brother Mario.
Never getting the girl.
Never winning a kingdom.

And Link was just…. there and they had SOOO much in common.
They both like green.
They both, um, well….  Look, probably lots of things I can’t think of, OK?

And in the right light, through the bottom of a beer bottle, Link does look kinda like a girl.

This comic was partly inspired by this very cool strip called “It Sucks to be Weegie” by Interrobang Studios. #fistbump to the team over there. They are doing awesome work.