Scratch and Sniff

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Another reason not to put everything online.


There are just some ideas that should never be put into an online environment.

I think Scratch & Sniff is a perfect example of times when an idea in the real world really doesn’t need to have a digital version.

If you don’t believe me, take a wander through the People of Walmart site.

Other things that do not need to be online are:

– Anything to do with Snorks or Schmoo

– More youtube videos from Boxxy or Chris Crocker. (no way am I linking to those)

– Sites that advise you how to make clothing out of bacon.

Oh, and before you ask about it – Yes, Hypercolor DID make it’s way online, unfortunately.

It was just renamed “MYSPACE”…….



Aussie Comic Recommendations:

During the week, I became aware of this cool Aussie cool, created by Jen Breach and Trevor Wood.
It’s called Sawbones Online, and I suggest you check it out.

Also, you should take a look at a few of these aussie comics.
I will be posting many more of these in the future, but for now, go and take a look at these two strips:

Riverside – By Rhys McDonald

Showman? – By David Blumenstein

Ousted as mayor

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An example of how cheating in Foursquare can really suck!

People cheat on Foursquare.

There – I said it.And let’s no longer pretend that “it wasn’t me!”
We have all logged in somewhere that we were not physically at, either to keep a mayorship, to get points or just out of curiosity.

But why would we stoop so low?
Because Foursquare is a game and the people who are active on it (ie: playing it) WANT TO WIN.
They want to have the most points & be Mayor of a location.
But not everyone goes out 5 nights a week and swans about visiting coffee shops and stores all day. So, they compensate.

In every game, people will find ways to cheat. It is inevitable.
We publicly post the cheats to computer games and proudly claim that we found them, so why should Foursquare, Gowalla or Loopt be any different? They are kind of like a computer game after all.

Users are getting so upset, that they have even created a Foursquare Etiquette guide.
There is even a site created already, to shame foursquare cheaters.

But perhaps Foursquare and the other geo-location apps have left the cheating options available so that the very studious among us can find them?
Thereby, increasing activity and cleverly promoting a growth in both the user base numbers, as well as the amount of place listings added to the database.
If so, this would be a very smart move, in my opinion.

As well, letting cheats exploit the system for a little while also allows these applications to easily identify and close the holes once they deem it necessary. Again, a smart move.

So, next time you see a way to cheat, why not share it? Make it public and help the service grow.

They we can focus on the real issue with these applications – Stupid users who add their own house as a location and then complain when strangers check in there and know what their address is.
(Small tip to those users – If you don’t want strangers knowing your address, don’t put it online)

Fighting Santa

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This year, Santa is ready for anything……

I originally did the basis of this comic as a special request for a fan (you will know who you are).
But I just love the idea so much, that i just had to share it with everyone.

As well, this comic has spurned another idea, which I hope to have ready to share soon.
Don’t worry – the fan is also getting something very unique, so it is not like they are missing out at all.

I would also like to thank all of the readers of my comics, for sticking with me so far.
I draw these comics because I love to draw. But I keep drawing them because you, the reader, seem to think they are funny.
So, I will keep on making them, thanks to you.


And lastly, please enjoy this special video from Santa:


Foursquare Mayor

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Foursquare may ruin your life!!

It can create obsessive behaviour and the desire to constantly check your phone for updates.
– just like twitter.

You will be searching for friend to make and follow.
– just like twitter.

Secret tips and local info will be yours to exploit and use.
– just like twitter.

In fact, Foursquare has already been touted as the next big thing after twitter, by many blog & press sites
Foursquare : Why it may be the next twitter (a pretty good summary of Foursquare)
Next Year’s Twitter? It’s Foursquare

This service has a narcissistic appeal and draws you in via simple things we all love :

  • Easy Rewards – Foursquare allows you to easily gain points and badges, to prove how good you are.
  • Bragging rights – You can also become the Mayor of a location, which means you (virtually) rule the roost for that spot.
  • Friendly Competition – Others can take the Mayor title from you if they check in there more, so if you want to keep the title, you may have to fight for it.

The social element of this service is what gives it extra appeal to the current pundits. Not to mention that, unlike Twitter, Foursquare is actually creating it’s own revenue stream.

It is smart, as it works in with Twitter, allowing it to easily capture the interest of those users & creating a promotional machine via their tweet streams.

I am also using another similar service called Gowalla. This service also offers points and rewards for visiting locations.
The interface of Gowalla is much more appealing visually, in my opinion.
Through this service, you can find items at different location, left there by previous visitors. These can be collected and disbursed later, when ever you choose to.

Gowalla is great, but the lack of a competition element like the ability to become a Mayor via foursquare, may let it down in the long run, I feel.
Also, I have managed to find ways to cheat in Foursquare. Gowalla doesn’t have the same loopholes.

So for someone who likes to have a little bit of glory as soon as possible, my pick is definitely Foursquare.
But time will tell……

What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment below.