Out foxed

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This cunning fox has been outsmarted again.

If you do not watch Dora the Explorer (sorry- I mean if your kids don’t watch it) then you will have no idea what this comic is about. To tell the truth – I kind of like it that way.

If however, not knowing is just eating you up inside, then this Swiper mega cut on YouTube may help you figure it out.


Bat-Finn & Jake

Bat-Finn & Jake published on 2 Comments on Bat-Finn & Jake

This little bit of Adventure Time fan art is my humble attempt at showing possibly the ONLY way that Finn & Jake could be any cooler.

This cartoon is seriously off kilter in the very best of ways. Thanks to this show, my son and I will now use the term “Boom!Boom!” and laugh hysterically. Thank you for this cartoon Pendleton Ward.

Bat-Finn & Jake
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The ghosts of Monkey Magic

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Monkey magic ghosts
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I have a major fanboy crush on the original TV show “Monkey Magic”. It is one of the shows I grew up watching and it is still one of my favourite programs to this day.

The show was unique for it’s time and has influenced countless books, cartoons, TV shows and artists. It was fun, thrilling and yet it still also taught you life lessons if you took the time to listen.

As well as Monkey Magic, I also like ghosts, so I decided it was time to combine these two things and see what eventuated.
The results can be seen here on my flickr site, where I have posted the full set of these Monkey Magic ghosts. Hopefully, you can tell who is who amongst this lot.
I will be releasing this as a limited edition print soon, so stay tuned to hear more about that.