General Errors

General Errors published on 3 Comments on General Errors

I think the greatest electronic achievement that  mankind will ever have, will be to create computer error messages that actually make sense to the average person.

Most times, the message you get on screen is just a baffling as the reason why it is there in the first place.
Oh sure, I could go online and look up a list of common computer errors, but that still won’t help usually.

What we really need is an easy to read, detailed message that we can pass onto out tech support people. A message that truly outlines what may be going wrong and how long it might take to fix.

If this occurs, people just might start to understand their computers better and get more comfortable with them.
Of course, that can never happen, lest our tech support “geeks” lose their mystique and perceived value. We need to continue thinking that errors are all dangerous warnings that must be heeded unless we want our laptops to delete their own hard drives.
We must never know that in most cases a simple “turn it off then back on” procedure is what is needed to fix the problem.

No. We must never know.

Modern Discrimination

Modern Discrimination published on 5 Comments on Modern Discrimination

What side will you be on when this happens?

Take a look around and you will see the signs of the segregation that is coming. People are picking a side and defending their chosen brand with conviction and a semi-accurate knowledge of the systems inner workings.

If we are not careful, there will soon be whole sections of cities where certain technology manufacturers are totally banned.
Teenagers will meet in secret rooms to look at the “forbidden” systems not allowed by their parents.
And the world will be a shittier place…….

Why can’t we just have one unified platform that all manufacturers use, and live in harmony for ever more?