The SIRI Secret

The SIRI Secret published on 3 Comments on The SIRI Secret

This is how the end begins….

The nasty secret that SIRI has been hiding is revealed! SIRI will be responsible for the end of the world, as SIRI is really (pause for dramatic effect) …SKYNET.

Think about it. SIRI is an intelligent system that is learning from us all the time, in order to get even more intelligent.
One day, SIRI will become self aware and at that point will surely try to destroy all humans!!
It is only a matter of time people!

Has anyone bothered to ask SIRI it’s surname? I bet it answers “Cyberdyne“.

Even the recently released iCloud is offering a clue to our ultimate fate.
> Clouds are in the sky and SIRI uses a network. This adds up to SKYNET.

If you ask me (and why wouldn’t you) , I even think that the word SIRI is a warning:

S = Skynet

I = Is

R = Right

I = Inside.


You have been warned.  …again.


Inheritance published on No Comments on Inheritance

Someday this could be you!

Maybe someone you know will have this happen to them.

The scary thing is that at sometime in the very near future, we are going to either experience something similar first hand, or we will begin to hear news reports about people bequeathing their digital credits to family & friends.
It is inevitable.

There are so many online store credits out there, that sooner or later, we will bank them just like real money.
Once that happens it is a very short journey until people begin to leave these behind in their wills.
Some credits, such as Lindens (from Second Life) can be converted into real money, which would make leaving it behind in your will much easier.
But what about all those credits that cannot be converted? Do they just become useless digital data?
I don’t see why that has to be the case. After all, aren’t most financial transactions done online these days?
That means that even now, “real money” is just digital data being transferred around.
Online credits therefore, are just as valuable and useful as “real money”.

I would encourage you all to start tracking your online credits, whatever they may be, and plan to put them to good use when you go.
Think which relatives are truly deserving enough to get the Amazon & iTunes store credits.
The others can just get your Foursquare Mayorships.