Limited profile access

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Isn’t it funny what we choose to share with others?

Sometimes we will tell things to complete random strangers, that we would never confess to even the closest of our friends or family.

Social media sites such as facebook, myspace and twitter are prime examples of this at work.
People tend to cringe when family follows them, and desperately hide things that they will happily let their work colleagues know, for example.


Small follower count

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The number of followers you have on twitter, or number of friends on Facebook, means absolutely nothing.

The fact that sites such as Twitter Is Not A Competition even need to be created, is a shame.
Social media should be just that – SOCIAL.


Just have fun with it, interact and have a conversation.
Besides, it’s not the size, it’s how you use it.

The Fail Whales Vet Checkup

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Poor old FailWhale!

At least now, he can explain the rash on his back and show the doctors certificate to prove it.
But explaining to his friends, why he has rope burns across his belly is always going to be difficult…..