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One of the dangers in being a caveman…..

I imagine that there were many threats faced daily by the Neanderthals. And if mammoths took to the air, carried by Pteradactyls, perhaps they would just accept it as another danger to be looked for an monitored.

Do you think that their lives had more or less dangers to face daily?

I think that the threat levels are about the same these days, but modern life has threats that are often hidden from us.
Neanderthal man could see if they were being stalked by a predator.
But you would not really know who is reading your private information and messages online, and potentially stalking you.
The internet helps give out information, but hide possible threats at the same time.

Would it be better if we were back in a simpler age?
Not the stone age – maybe just back to 1985, where the dangers were just from being blinded by fluoro colours & working in an office space like this

Or maybe that would be worse……………………

On a totally different topic, I found something this week that I have been looking for all my life (without even knowing it).
At last, the internet has delivered unto us possibly the most important set of rules ever devised.
Finally collated and put in a place where we all can reference them from.
I present to you : The Official Shotgun Rules

Please read & memorize at your earliest convenience.

Trick or Tweet

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Do you know who these characters are?

We don’t celebrate Halloween in Australia, but I wanted to do a special comic for the holiday, to suck up to for my readers from the USA to enjoy.

Halloween is a very foreign idea to us aussies and even though we do celebrate and embrace Halloween, we often decorate our offices & shops – mainly to try to cash in on it.
Halloween presents us with a great opportunity to make more sales by using the holiday to provide novelty themes and ‘holiday” specials on a vast range of products.

Yes, Halloween in Australia has all the retail angles covered, but lacks the love that I know so many Americans have for it.

Although, kind of in the spirit of things, we in Brisbane recently had our annual Zombie Walk.
Check out some pictures on flickr here and here.


Unfollowed by employment

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This comic originally appeared as a guest submission on Bearman Cartoon’s website.
He did a great writeup for me and his regular site visitors even seemed to like what I did.

I am re-posting the comic here to give people an alternative place to view it.

Now that you have seen it, why not head on over to the Bearman cartoons site, have a look at his work and say “Hi” from me while you are there. Enjoy!

FailWhale gets a second job

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It seems everyone is doing it tough these days.
Many good people are losing their jobs, or having working hours reduced, forcing them to look for alternative income sources.
I sometimes wonder what “Faily” does when we don’t see him floating around in the chauffeur-driven corporate tweet net.Continue reading FailWhale gets a second job