Prevent Hashtag Abuse

Prevent Hashtag Abuse published on 10 Comments on Prevent Hashtag Abuse

Hashtag abuse is on the rise globally.
Random overuse of the poor little hashtag for the purposes of flagging things that people will probably not ever search for again.
Some feel it is funny to commit hashtag abuse over & over again.
But spare a thought for the un-noticed victims…………..

What about the poor little hashtags?

Do you stop to consider their welfare?
Probably not.

Are you guilty of their abuse too?
Very possibly yes, if we are to believe this disturbing graph of messages tagged with hashtagabuse

These poor unsung little heros are just here to help and all we do is attach them at the front of meaningless phrases, acronyms and throw-away comedy lines.

Just remember – stop the #hashtagabuse!

….oh, damn it!


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