Bigfoot is finally found

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The never ending search for bigfoot is a pastime that many americans do not take lightly.

There are organisations, local hunting groups, research groups, organised tour operators and more – all dedicated to finding the elusive Bigfoot (or Sasquatch).
In this day and age, I find it hard to believe we cannot find this creature.
As I have posulated in my comic, why don’t we just leave a bunch of iPhones near the sites they are regularly sighted, and wait until they post a brightkite map link, or show up in our tweetstreams?
Then – POUNCE!

This is frame 352 from the Patterson-Gimlin film taken on October 21st, 1967 depicting Bigfoot
This is frame 352 from the Patterson-Gimlin film taken on October 21st, 1967 depicting Bigfoot

Footage captured in October 20, 1967 by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin, claims to show a bigfoot which they encountered in Bluff Creek.

This film has captured the imagination of many over the years and Bigfoot has become quote a celebrity in it’s own right.

It has even appeared briefly in the Simpsons, and even “The Bionic Woman“.
How awesome is that.

So, if you are now inspired to go bigfoot hunting, and you’re thinking of heading off into the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest anytime soon, then you may need this handy map to help you locate the areas of recent Bigfoot sightings, courtesy of Allan Sanders.


Also, if you have read this far down, you get the chance to win a little prize!
All you have to do is add a comment and let me know what little gem I have hidden in the comic.
I have added a little detail somewhere, which pays homage to the appearance of bigfoot in an animated setting, which was actually poking fun at the Patterson-Gimlin film footage.
Warning – the prize may be a signed copy of one of my illustrations as shown on my Etsy store.



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