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The world of computing and social media gives us so many more opportunities to lie about our job experience.

The average person has so many tools of communication and creation at their disposal these days, that it can help wily job seekers to beef up their work histories like never before.
Suddenly, we can all have experience in networking, direct marketing, community management and website design without ever having gained a single proper qualification in it.

Many employers are possibly still on the backfoot regarding knowing what questions to ask applicants, and how to spot the pretenders.

But there is also a grey area to consider, as some activities that we simply could not easily do 5 or 10 years ago, have been made extremely simple and affordable. This does mean that more people are getting skills far beyond what they should be able to, for their age.

I don’t see this as a bad thing, but it certainly is something to be wary of.
After all, I bet all of you know at least one person that is a “Social Media Marketing Guru”


The easiest way to spot a fake is the one-question interview: Describe a project you played an integral role on by detailing what challenges you faced, what you learned and how you impacted the outcome. Fakes will keep it so high level, it will be impossible for you to understand the project.

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