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The future of computing is touch screen technology.

It is a fantastic interface, which offers intuitive navigation, instant interaction and the ability to present experiences in a manner we have never been able to do before.
Soon, everything will have a touch based navigation to it.

This is great news for most of us. Those of us, that is,who have the ability togenerate the touch pressure & bio-electric conduction required to make touchscreens work.
But spare a thought for those who will be unable to use the new technological marvels we are sure to be presented with soon.

The unlucky include:
– aliens who control things just with their minds
– characters with spikes for fingers
– monsters with huge sharp claws
– most hooved animals
– robots with caliper hands
– zombies (but only because they are too dumb)
– dinosaurs

So next time you buy a touch screen device, just think about all these things that won’t be able to enjoy it.


Touchsccreens are a pain in the butt for any long term use. I loaath them and all the work they require to use them. I was hoping there was touchscrren haters club, because I would sign n up. The highly functional mouse, pointer, and real keyboard will return. In fact if one jail breaks their iPad they can get their mouse ability back , plus printing, plus a file system, plus a thousand other things that suddenenly disappeared and thought not needed anynore. Stevie Wonderfl Jobs is pullling off his greatest B.S. act yet, giving people a half a netbook for twice the price and giving theem more functionality as time and paid hardware upgrades goes on. I got one word for you touch screeners, s*ckers!!! Sent from my iphone,,,can you tellll? hehehe

[…] After yesterday’s enthusiasm over the Apple Keynote and the touch screen technology on the new iPod Nano, I realized that I completely neglected to think of those who won’t be able to use the technology.  I’m sorry Edward, Freddy and Wolverine.  Life is rough sometimes.  At least the iPod Shuffle still has buttons, right?  After all, you can’t win ‘em all.  (Credit where credit’s due – Comic from Agent X) […]

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