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To the Bat Cave, Robin!
Robin?  Robin? Where are you boy wond……  Oh, for f*@ks sake! get off facebook so we can go and fight crime!!
(That is how I imagine a pretty typical Dynamic Duo conversation would go these days.)

There are millions of Batman fans out there on the internet. Many of them will have smart phones, and may be using any number of a vast array of  geo-location applications.
And I will bet each of them thought they were really cool, ironic and unique when they added “The Bat Cave” as a spot on the map, so they could check-in to it.

Go to pretty much any city, in any geo-location site (such as Gowalla, foursquare or Facebook Places) and you will find multiple entries for “Bat Cave”.
The same holds true for the “Fortress of Solitude”, Hogwarts and Castle Greyskull.

But I could not find anything for the Arrowcave (Green Arrow) or Sanctum Sanctorum (Dr Strange)

Geo-location applications have really taken off in the recent past, but at present they seem to suffer from a major problem.
That problem is letting the general public add your data for you.
When you do that it is a great way to get free data-entry done, but you never know what you will get.
You will need to be happy to have incorrect data, duplicate entries and millions of joke entries.

Although, if I were the kind of person with a secret lair, then right now would be a great time to add it multiple times on geo-location sites. Add it in so many different  locations that the bad-guys will have no idea which is the real location.
Oh, yeah – and I probably would not add in the actual location, just to be on the safe side.


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Yeah, this joke was much better written and draw when it was in PVP, last week.

I had not seen the PVP strip until you linked it here. I don’t follow PVP.
Yes, they are both very familiar in their content. I had this idea waiting to publish for 3 weeks, so maybe PVP is stealing my ideas? 😛

Seriously though – this is just coincidence. It is a topic that many people could have a go at. Scott Kurtz has done his version and this is mine.

Don’t you know you’re not allowed to have similar ideas to anyone else? 🙂

Personally, I find your version much funnier. PVP’s was… erm… meh 🙂

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I actually live in Bat Cave. The Bat Cave on that map. It’s in North Carolina. It’s a small, unincorporated town. There is no mayor. We get a lot of tourists and hear a ton of Bat Man jokes. It’s quite a fun place to live. 🙂 Cheers!

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