Location aware

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Smartphones are becoming far more location aware with every new release.

They know where they are – sometimes better than you do. So eventually, it is feasible that they will be so aware that they can tell you not just where you are, but where you are about to go to. And they won’t need your input to do this either.

From there, it is just a small jump to the Smartphones becoming self-aware.

We all know what happens after that, don’t we?

The SIRI Secret

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This is how the end begins….

The nasty secret that SIRI has been hiding is revealed! SIRI will be responsible for the end of the world, as SIRI is really (pause for dramatic effect) …SKYNET.

Think about it. SIRI is an intelligent system that is learning from us all the time, in order to get even more intelligent.
One day, SIRI will become self aware and at that point will surely try to destroy all humans!!
It is only a matter of time people!

Has anyone bothered to ask SIRI it’s surname? I bet it answers “Cyberdyne“.

Even the recently released iCloud is offering a clue to our ultimate fate.
> Clouds are in the sky and SIRI uses a network. This adds up to SKYNET.

If you ask me (and why wouldn’t you) , I even think that the word SIRI is a warning:

S = Skynet

I = Is

R = Right

I = Inside.


You have been warned.  …again.