Don’t Watch man

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If you saw the “Watchmen” movie, then you will know exactly what this comic is referring to.

I did this comic a little while ago, and kind of forgot about it until I was flipping through an old sketchbook.
I decided it was worth adding to the site, as it still made me chuckle.

The “Watchmen” movie was great, and proved that even stories that are thought to be “unfilmable” can be moved to the big screen if carefully approached and thought out.
I read the original comics back when they first came out too, so I was already a fan before the film opened.

However, I do not remember Dr. Manhattans member ever getting as much attention before. Although, it was never shown to a mass audience in such scale before.
I made the mistake of seeing “Watchmen” on an IMAX screen, which is 3 stories tall.
That made Dr. M’s junk absolutely freaking scary!

Oh, and I thought the love scene between Silk Spectre & Night Owl was vaguely sickening and wrong.
Not sure if that was the intention of the film-maker, or due to the scale of the screen, though.

Indiana Jones & the big box of nothing

Indiana Jones & the big box of nothing published on 9 Comments on Indiana Jones & the big box of nothing

Here is the scenario –
You find a map that tantalizingly promises a treasure of untold wealth.
You follow the clues, battle through the obstacles and finally reach your goal!

Only to find that the prize is of no worth!

I find the story of Friendster both funny and educational.
It was first to market in the now popular social media space, but squandered the opportunity by not being a reliable service and not engaging it’s users enough to keep them. Read more about this here

Friendster let it’s position slip and MySpace took over.

Ahhh, MySpace.  Remember that site?