Unfollowing Indiana

Unfollowing Indiana published on 7 Comments on Unfollowing Indiana

Don’t you hate it when you try online actions in the real world, and they won’t work?

Sometimes I get mixed up and I end up subconsciously trying to do things that I do all the time online, but in the real world.
At other times, I try to do things on my laptop, which only work on my iPhone.
For example, I was typing a document in Word recently and tried to add a full stop to the end of the sentence by hitting the space bar twice. This is how it works on my iPhone and my subconscious, or muscle memory, or whatever, just decided that was what I needed to do.

I find that I have quite a lot of these little occurences happen to me. Mostly, I just forget about them straight away.
But I know they are there. Haunting me. Mocking me.

I dread the day that I try to leave a conversation at a party or a networking seminar, by looking for the speakers ‘unfollow’ button…

Is it just me or has it happened to you as well?

Indiana Jones & the big box of nothing

Indiana Jones & the big box of nothing published on 9 Comments on Indiana Jones & the big box of nothing

Here is the scenario –
You find a map that tantalizingly promises a treasure of untold wealth.
You follow the clues, battle through the obstacles and finally reach your goal!

Only to find that the prize is of no worth!

I find the story of Friendster both funny and educational.
It was first to market in the now popular social media space, but squandered the opportunity by not being a reliable service and not engaging it’s users enough to keep them. Read more about this here

Friendster let it’s position slip and MySpace took over.

Ahhh, MySpace.  Remember that site?