Indiana Jones & the big box of nothing

Indiana Jones & the big box of nothing published on 9 Comments on Indiana Jones & the big box of nothing

Here is the scenario –
You find a map that tantalizingly promises a treasure of untold wealth.
You follow the clues, battle through the obstacles and finally reach your goal!

Only to find that the prize is of no worth!

I find the story of Friendster both funny and educational.
It was first to market in the now popular social media space, but squandered the opportunity by not being a reliable service and not engaging it’s users enough to keep them. Read more about this here

Friendster let it’s position slip and MySpace took over.

Ahhh, MySpace.  Remember that site?


Damn you Scott, I was never allowed an Atari. I am hoping the 3DO console makes a comeback so they will release another game! I am getting sick and tired of playing Night Trap!

But surely you have your copies of Corpse Killer, Lemmins & Family Fued, to break up the monotony?
Please tell me that you at least have MYST??

If not, I think it may be time to upgrade.
I am hearing good things about Sega Mega Drive. That system will never get superseded. It is 16 BIT!!!
The press campaign they have is amazing! Check this out

They even have “Moonwalker” on it, which is a Michael Jackson game.
When you get a console that has a game featuring someone so awesome, reliable and on top of their game, how can you go wrong??

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