Turn Off

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Poor R2D2 is never going to build up his frequent-flyer points by flying commercial airlines.

Anyone who has flown has been through the experience of having to turn off their phone or iPod during Takeoff and Landings.
Despite what many people think, this is not really due to the devices interfering with the aircraft’s instruments.
Actually, the main reason is so that you will pay attention when the flight attendants give their safety announcement.

Modern aircraft have all been updated to be able to handle the impact of other electronic devices being active on board, these days.
So, for the most part, leaving your smartphone on will not cause the plane to crash.
Although, it COULD still happen, so why risk it?

What I don’t get is why the flight attendants ask you to raise the window shades before landing.
Why?  Does the pilot need to be able to see out the windows to land the plane?
If so, then I am seriously misinformed about how pilots fly aircraft.

Nym Wars

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The Empire does not require your true name.

But Google+ does.
So does Facebook (up to a point)

The uproar online regarding Google’s policy of requiring you to use your real name to join their G+ network has spawned the term “Nym Wars.
Many are concerned about the reasons they need to give their true identity away to some of the social networks, as they prefer to use an alias when performing online activity.

As you may have noticed, I don’t use my real name for most of my online identities. However, I am not precious enough to insist that Google and Facebook have no rights to know what my given name is.
In my opinion, if they REALLY want to know it, they either;
a) already know it
b) will be able to find it out pretty easily

I can understand why people are getting upset over this, but I think they also need to step back and think for a minute about a few things.
1 – These social networks are free. You don’t pay them so you need to realise that ultimately you do not get to dictate their rules and guidelines for them.
2 – These social networks are a “nice to have” and not a given right. They don’t have to play your game if they do not want to.
3 – Pseudonymity is NOT anonymity. Just because you use a Pseudonym does not mean that no one will ever find out your real identity.
4 –   If you don’t want to give your real name to Google or Facebook, then don’t and choose not to use their product. It really is that simple.

But I do agree that control over our identity matters online. It will be interesting to see who wins these wars – us or them.

Of course, the points above are just my personal opinions.
In the interests of providing a balanced argument, please read this article about the reasons why pseudonymity is important : On Pseudonymity, Privacy and Responsibility on Google+


Spam droid

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This explains why R2D2 looks like a spammers user name!

What I would like to know, is why in the future (or the StarWars Universe – whichever comes first) the bots don’t just wander around prompting people to buy stuff. It seems as if as soon as we free the bots from their restrictive programming forms, and give they shiny metal bodies to ram in, they just give up trying to scam us.

Well I, for one, am just not buying that!

I imagine our future world as one where robots roam freely, but humans cower in fear, because the ‘bots are continuously asking them to sign up for services they don’t need.
Mechanoids are tapping complete strangers on the shoulder to announce they may already have one a million dollars in the Spanish Lottery.
Automatons loiter on street corners, telling heart-wrenching stories of their Nigerian Prince master, who needs a friendly soul to assist him to get his billions of dollars out of the country.
And Vend-Bots download stuff you don’t need along with the product you *thought* you were getting.

Yes, A rich, adventure filled future, full of robotic fun and excitement.
And of course, I will have a JETPACK! YEAH!

It has been really hot here in Australia this week, so I also wanted to share this chilling vision of the possible future, from the 1950’s. Little did they know, just how right their predictions would be…..