I did not include trolls in this comic, because they are actually real.

Six Imaginary Creatures

Six Imaginary Creatures published on 7 Comments on Six Imaginary Creatures

This comic contains six things that do not exist.

The internet, and modern media in general, has allowed myths and fantasy to flourish, spread and crossover into believed fact like never before in human history.
Sure, there have always been those that believe in the creatures that hide in the shadows. And many would say that despite what you may personally believe, it is unwise to refute the belief in these creatures, as it tempts fate.
After all, they are based in fact somewhere, right?

Even shakespeare added the quote to Hamlet:

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Sure, these creatures may be based in fact somewhere. But also possibly, they are not.

As exhibit A, I present to you “KLINGONS”.

We are totally aware that the Klingon race is nothing more than characters dreamt up by the writers of STAR TREK,to allow for a protagonist alien culture for the good guys to overcome.

But now, after more than a quarter-century of the Star Trek phenomenon, a mythos has permeated popular culture which has seen the Klingon’s gain a language, back history, culture and folkloric stories.

At some point in the distant future, it is feasible that the belief in the Klingons becomes so ingrained, that the knowledge of who they came to be is lost to us. They will then be mythical creatures that we know a lot about but no-one has ever seen for real. (Or if they have, no-one has lived to tell about it!).

Does any of that scenario sound impossible, or very different from how we now view creatures and monsters of myth & folklore?

I am not saying that anyone should stop believing in what they want to.
On the contrary – I want someone to believe so hard that they actually prove the existence of a mythical creature.

Because I really want to ride a unicorn. Preferably dressed like robocop at the time….


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