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Mobile Ape

Jenkins can’t really be blamed for this mistake.
He is old-school and it is really easy to hear “ape” instead of “app” when you are deafened by the sound of the dial-up modem you still use.

Poor Jenkins….


On a side note, the name of this post is a tip of the hat to a band I really like, called “Simian Mobile Disco”.
You can hear their songs and find out more info on their website.
I particularly love their song “Audacity of Huge“. Check it out on youtube here.

Batman's next challenge is teaching Supes to put URLs directly into the address bar, and not the Google search.

Super Undo

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Batman's next challenge is teaching Supes to put URLs directly into the address bar, and not the Google search.

I have been told that there are some people who won’t understand this comic.
Although that is nothing new for me, I thought it might be good to explain this one a bit.

The joke in this comic is based on a very iconic scene, from the first “Superman” movie, which starred Christopher Reeve in the role of Superman. Lois Lane gets killed when her car falls into a hole created by a massive earthquake. She dies, buried in her car in the desert. After finding Lois Lane dead, Superman flies around the Earth’s perimeter so quickly that it reverses the planet’s rotation. After time has rewound to an appropriate point, Superman returns the planet to its original direction.  Lois is now alive again, as are the others who may have perished in the earthquake, and he can then save her before the accident occurs.

You can see the clip of this here:



Chicken out

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Craigslist is many things to many people.

It is a centralized network of online communities, featuring free online classified advertisements. It has sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services, community, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums. The service has been credited for causing the reduction of classified advertising in newspapers across the United States.

But really, the main things you need to know about Craigslist are these;

– Use caution, as the site has no moderation
– Read the listings carefully. No-one is going to save you except yourself.
– The ‘Best of Craigslist‘ section is some of the funniest stuff you will ever read
– I have been told that the ‘Missed connections’ sections are also a great voyeuristic way to pass the time.