Superman tries out online justice

Superman tries out online justice published on 5 Comments on Superman tries out online justice

Heat-vision and computers do not mix.

Have you ever noticed that many superheros do not use computers as part of there crime fighting activities?

Now wait on comic book nerds (and I can say that, because I am one too…..)
I know there are exceptions, such as Oracle.
Yes, the Batcave has the Bat Computer.
Ok, the Hall of Justice has a supercomputer.
Sure, Cerebro is a massive super computer too….

What I mean is, why don’t they REALLY use them?
They could be getting their own back on the bad guys by flaming them on forums, hacking their bank account details and sending them to Nigeria or just posting their information all over the web to over-expose them so much that they can’t do anythign without getting recognised instantly.

The superheros would then not be destroying buildings during a meta-powered battle, or creating massive secret lairs to operate from and thereby generally being drains to the national economy.

I am putting out a call for the caped crusaders to become more realistic for our modern lives.

I want to see Batman battling to remove the Koobface virus from his laptop, because he opened a dodgy video link on facebook.

Let’s have Wolverine tearing all over town, looking for an Apple authorised repair centre, so they can replace his iPhone battery.

Spiderman should be caught looking at singles ads on Craigslist, by Aunt May.

And PowerGirl should be spending all night ignoring the thousands of friend requests that I am certain she would get, on facebook.

See? So many possiblilities.
Ok comic writers – now it’s your turn……………….


Wolverine tears all over town looking for an Apple authorised repair centre. At last, he finds one. The chick at the desk says “Oh, we don’t keep iPhone batteries in stock. Apple doesn’t keep inventory any more. Instead, we rely on our just-in-time delivery system. I will place your order. It should be here in two or three days. More, if it has to come from overseas…”

Faced with this everyday challenge of online life, what does our superhero do next?

That gives me an idea for a new kind of superhero. The ACCOUNTANT.

You better check copyright on that with Kristian Nygard of Optipess, who did this cool strip about “Accountantman”.

I would prefer to see you create a superhero who just plays games all day -CAPTAIN WII.

Maybe a hero that helps people keep going when they tire, called The RED BULL.

Or a hero who we would all love to have around. One that can supply an endless supply of free petrol – THE PUMPER!